Our Farm

The Welland Valley is traditionally acknowledged as some of England’s finest pastureland for rearing beef cattle.
In 2017 we decided that we needed our own herd of Pedigree Aberdeen Angus. We started out with a small herd of 9 cows and one Bull. However, over the last couple of years we have now increased this to 23 cows and plenty of calves running around in the fields. In Autumn 2019 we are hoping to add more to the herd.

We also have the ever-popular Dexter beef and North Devon Beef which we buy locally as young stock and have grazing on our pasture here.

The main farm extends to approximately 150 acres of permanent grass. In 1998 we started to diversify the business by growing herb plants for a local retailer. The herb nursery was gradually built up through selling at local farmers markets. The fields carry our flock of 280 breeding ewes as well as beef cattle.

Our farming methods help us to maintain the highest animal welfare standards and demonstrate full traceability of the meat, which is sold exclusively through our farm shop. It is Ian that works the farm side so it really is a family affair!


Our Animals

All our meat and eggs are also guaranteed free range as we value animal welfare and believe wholeheartedly that our animals should live happy outdoor lives.We aim to farm in an environmentally responsible way and are proud to be part of the Countryside Stewardship Scheme which helps promote and support a wide variety of wildlife on the farm.

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