Merry Christmas from Ashley Farm Shop!

Christmas at Ashley Farm Shop

Place your Christmas Order with us. Please browse our Christmas List below.

Coming up at Ashley Farm Shop for Christmas

Christmas Order List

Please browse through our Christmas List and make a lit of your choice. Please use our Contact Page to let us know what you would like to order. You can also place your order in the Shop using one of our Order Forms.

Make sure that you add your name, address, and contact details and which day you would like to collect your goods. Many Thanks.

Fresh Poultry

Fresh White Turkeys, 4kg to 9kg

Bronze Turkeys, 6kg to 9kg

Boneless Turkey Crown, 1kg – 4.5kg

Geese, 4kg to 7kg

Cockerels, 3.5kg to 7kg

Chickens, 2kg to 3kg

Ducks, 2kg to 3kg

Three Bird Roast

Duck ++, 2kg to 2.5kg

Goose ++, 5kg to 6kg

Please ask in our shop for more details.

Local Game


Boneless Stuffed Pheasant


With game we reject any “over” shot birds, however we do warn you that game may contain small shot.

Wild Venison

Boneless Haunch (For roasting, braising or steaks)

Boneless Saddle (For roasting, braising or steaks)

Diced Shoulder (For casserole, stews, soups or pies)

We also offer…



Gammon for home cooking
Any size cut from 1kg to 5kg
Boneless and well trimmed, no need to soak
Available plain or seeded
Gammon Steaks also available



Dry Cured Short Back Bacon (plain or smoked)

Dry Cured Streak Bacon



Ashley Pork Pie (available as 1lb and large 4lb+)

Traditional Pork Pie (available as 1lb and large 4lb+)

Game Pies (available as 1lb and large 4lb+)

Please note we must have the order in a.s.a.p for pies so we can estimate oven time and demand



Our home cooked Hams sold as joints

or pre packed by us in slices


We can offer…

Plain Ham (as joints or sliced and packed)

Smoked Ham (as joints or sliced and packed)

Honey Roast (as joints only)

Joints from 1.5kg to 5kg, sliced in packs of 200+ gms


Salt Beef

Order two weeks in advance due to time it takes to cure

Fresh Meats

Ashley Beef (all cuts available)

Steaks (Fillet, Sirloin, Rump)

Joints (Topside, Silverside, Sirloin, Fore-Rib, Brisket)

Casserole Meats (Braising Steak, Thick Flank, Chunk, Shin)

Ashley Lamb (all cuts available)

Leg (half or whole)

Shoulder (half or whole, on the bone or rolled)

Lion (as Chops or rolled as Saddle of Lamb)

Locally Sourced Pork (all cuts available)

Leg Joints (any size cut)

Loin (as Chops or as delicious Roll, plain or stuffed)


Belly (delicious roasted)

Shoulder (roast or diced for pies and casseroles)

Don’t forget our Homemade Sausages

The Ashley Sizzler

Pork, Stilton and Port Christmas Special

Homemade Sausage Meat (approx 1lb, 454gm pack)

Pigs in Blankets

All the Rest…


A selection of Farmhouse Cheeses (Stilton, Cheddar etc) will be available as will Pate, Milk, Creams, and Yoghurts.

Fruit & Vegetables

A full selection of fruit and vegetables will be available.

Free Range Eggs

From our very own happy hens.

Jams & Pickles

Check these out in the Shop.

Christmas Puddings

Granny’s Special Recipe. A scrummy Christmas Pudding made by us using only the very best of ingredients. Available in various sizes.

Cakes, Mince Pies, Christmas Cakes, Chocolate Logs

We will have the usual delicious array of Sue’s home baking.


Don’t forget to order your bread for collection with your order.

Wild Bird Seed Available – At all times.

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